Scale Your Credit Investments Workflow with AI

Transform your underwriting process with 8VDX's advanced AI models, designed to scale debt investment workflows, slashing analysis time and costs by up to 10x.

AI Models Fine-tuned on Investment Thesis and IP of Each Fund


Streamlined Screening

Use Fine-tuned AI models to automate bond screening and integrate classified bonds into the pipeline.

A Bot UI that allows traders to query the models for instant insights.


Efficient Investment Analysis & DD

Leverage AI/ML models specifically trained for swift DD and analysis of the shortlisted bonds using the model.

Utilise RAG to automate the analysis of prospectuses, PSAs and other legal documents.


Continuous Learning from Surveillance

Real time monitoring of the fund portfolio and all the related underlying indicators and performance drivers.

Feed the performance data back for continuous learning of the models

Advanced AI Solutions for Credit Underwriting

Quantum leap in bond analysis and screening

Learning from the historical data, our ML models analyze and filter newly issued bonds to mirror the fund's thesis and style with unprecedented speed and precision, significantly enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency.

Turbo-charge Due Diligence using AI

Accelerating prospectus analysis, our AI technology condenses hours of work into minutes, enables early detection of hidden risks, undervalued securities and false positives.

Strategic Advantage through Fast, Custom Analysis

Rapidly test your hypotheses about potential alpha generation strategies utilizing our technology to run custom, proprietary analyses on bond data, uncovering unique insights that drive strategic investment decisions


How can AI help in a credit fund's investment workflow?

AI enhances and speeds up the investment workflow of credit funds by automating data-intensive processes such as credit analysis, risk assessment, and bond classification. It rapidly processes large volumes of data, providing insights and identifying trends that humans may overlook, thus speeding up decision-making and increasing the accuracy of investment strategies.

How does our AI respect the confidentiality of proprietary investment strategies?

Our AI tools are designed to enhance your investment process without compromising the security or ownership of your proprietary information. Clients retain full ownership and control over their data and proprietary investing IP, with our systems providing support and insights without accessing or altering your core intellectual property.

What measures do we take to ensure data privacy and intellectual property rights are protected?

We implement stringent data privacy measures and respect intellectual property rights by using advanced encryption, secure data storage, and robust access controls. Regular audits and compliance with global data protection standards ensure that your data and proprietary strategies are safeguarded at all times.

Can our AI solutions be integrated with your existing systems while maintaining data sovereignty?

Yes, our AI solutions are designed for seamless integration with existing financial and IT systems without compromising your data sovereignty. We offer customizable API integration that supports your existing workflows while ensuring that you retain complete control over your data and proprietary analysis techniques.

How can you contact us for support or more information?

For support or to learn more about our AI solutions and in-depth information about our AI's capabilities can be tailored to support your specific investment strategies, please visit our Contact Us page. You are also welcome to request a demo or access detailed product documentation.

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