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8vdX is revolutionizing venture debt for investors and startups. Our founder-friendly capital creates higher growth and returns.

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Bharat X
"The 8vdX team is incredibly fast. There were only minutes between signing their founder-friendly terms and receiving the $150,000 in our bank account. This capital will fuel our growth during the YC batch.”

Tonjé Bakang Tonje

Co-Founder & CEO, Muse Card
Bharat X
"After speaking with nearly a dozen banks, financiers and "startup friendly" lenders over the past six months, I was not optimistic. Enter 8vdX. Total gamechangers. Loans on startup terms and timing. Unbelievably good to work with and helped us out pre USA incorporation"

Ben Sand

Founder & CEO , Strong Compute
Bharat X
"8vdX solves a painful capital strategy problem for seed-stage companies in a simple, certain, and fair way. I was impressed how quickly we went from initial conversation to money in the bank."

Michael Young

Co-Founder & CEO, Sempre

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